The Work of Artisans

I would kill for a microbrew right now. Like, seriously, kill.And here we have this week’s MSN DVD column, in which I consider “The Ghost Writer” and “A Prophet” as examples of smarter-than-average moviemaking. I’d only recommend one of them as essential cinema, but you’ll have to read the piece to find out which one …

… unless, you know, happened to be reading this blog back when both films were playing theatrically. I kinda gave it away then.

Also, remember when I went to the Hart House Craft Beer BBQ last year, and wrote about it? Well, I’ve done it again for the 2010 edition. It took a few days to put the piece together, but in my defense, on the night I was only really capable of scrawling “glug glug glug, nom nom nom” in my notebook. Do enjoy my more sophistimacated observations.