You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Screen

I’m waiting on a flight home from Washington — such is the life of the journeyman home-video scribe — but this needed to go up, like, right now.

We’ve known that Universal was planning a “Jaws” Blu-ray for some time now, but the studio made its formal announcement yesterday: It’ll be available August 14th, and the package sounds like a dream. In addition to a new frame-by-frame digital restoration (and the original mono soundtrack included as an option), it sounds like the disc will have room for all of the supplements on the previous special editions — including the full version of Laurent Bouzerau’s 20th anniversary documentary and the still archive that first appeared on the old CAV laserdisc.

But it’ll also include the 2007 documentary¬†“The Shark is Still Working“, which I’ve been drooling over ever since I first heard of its existence. Because “Jaws”, as you may have heard, is the greatest and best thing ever to happen to cinema, and there can never be enough background content about this greatest and bestest of things. (Did you know about this, by the way?)

So basically what I’m saying is, happy birthday to me.

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