“Wow, are you pure evil?”

I don’t usually do this, but the e-mails and comments on my “Breaking Dawn” review are just so damn hysterical I have to share them with the world.

And yes, when I say “hysterical”, I’m using both senses of the word. All punctuation, phrasing and political stances are presented as they appeared in the original screeds.

Comment posted to the NOW site:

Well, clearly you don’t like the movies or book at all, so it’s a wonder why you bothered to pay the money to see it and take the time to write about it. And don’t tell me I’m biased. I’m well aware of how corny (to say the least) the book and movies are. In fact, I don’t think Stephenie Meyer is a good writer at all, but she came up with an addicting story line, so good for her.

As far as the statement about the series saying that a little physical abuse is okay, you’re wrong. Edward does everything he can to not emotionally or physically harm Bella. The only time he does hurt her is during sex. I understand how terrible that sounds, but really it wasn’t abuse. And to say that the books or movies are condoning that is a stretch.

And it’s not about pro-life either. Bella goes through the series feeling awkward in life and can never understand what her purpose is. She finds Edward and her purpose begins to unravel, but it’s not until she gets pregnant that she truly realizes the woman she was always meant to become. There are woman all around the world who have been told “you will die unless…” and they don’t abort. For once, Bella saw a positive outcome. She believed in her heart and soul that it would be okay. And if it didn’t, she was willing to die for her children. A lot of mothers are willing to die for their children.

Regarding Kristen’s acting abilities, well…I have to give her some credit and say that she’s greatly improved and I wasn’t mortified by her performance as much as I was with the last three.

Before you review something, get a true feeling and understanding of the story.

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Subject: Wow, are you pure evil?

I have never responded to a critic before but your response to
Breaking Dawn was decadent and immoral.

You referred to Meyer’s take on teenage passion as “one of the ugliest
and most insidious messages ever sent to its target demographic.”

Meyer’s take on teenage passion is “chastity”. If you think chastity
is one of the ugliest messages ever, then you are as evil as they
come. Also, you are clearly anti-pro-life. I wouldn’t be surprised
if you were anti-Christ.

I’m so thankful that society in general has not degenerated to the
same extent as you.


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Subject: Twilight Review

Let me ask you a question, do you really believe that a woman who chooses to give birth to say a “Downs Syndrome” child is making a terribly unjust choice? Granted Downs is not a “vampire baby” but why are you so judgmental regarding a woman’s choice to keep her baby?? Is your mind so closed that you find the whole idea “repugnant ” ?? I feel sorry for people like you who consider a pro- life woman’s choices to be so “repugnant”!!
You are the one who has an ugly dark view of women’s rights! People like you are so pathetic in your self righteous indignation. You are the intolerant politically correct jerk!! The only thing I can agree with you is that the movie sucks- next time do your job and keep your insulting ” womens” personal political views to yourself.
Simon Davis

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That’s all so far. I’ll add more if they arrive.

4 thoughts on ““Wow, are you pure evil?””

  1. Stay strong, Norman. Wear your evil badge with pride. It may have been possible for someone to write a series about the whole vampire/human thing, sans sex before marriage, life-threatening vampire baby included, and had it work, if only there were not so many red flag behaviours that scream psychologically abusive relationship and if the girl had shown maybe an ounce of self-esteem. Stephanie Meyer, obviously, did not pull it off. The abusive/no self-esteem tropes seem to be so much an integral part of the story that if Meyer wasn’t intentionally going for that, she must have internalized some seriously weird psychological shit. And she’s passing it on, isidiously, as you said, mostly to girls too young to recognize it for what it is.

    And, I believe being pure evil will get you a discounted membership in the Evil League of Evil. Say hi to Bad Horse.

  2. “Granted Downs is not a “vampire baby” but why are you so judgmental regarding a woman’s choice to keep her baby?” 😀
    Yeah Wilner, why are you so anti-evil-vampire-baby who may or may not be eating her mothers insides? God, you’re such a misogynist.

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