Join me, won't you? And do bring your walletI was expecting a massive opening weekend for “Remember Me”, based on nothing more than the passion of the Twi-hards for their beloved Robert Pattinson — there’s a wall of posters for the thing down the block, and every time I pass them, they’ve attracted a new cluster of teenage girls in full squee.

But that didn’t happen. As the AP reports, “Remember Me” came in fourth for the weekend with a box-office take of just $8.3 million — well below the $14.5 million gross of “Green Zone” and the $9.6 million pulled in by “She’s Out of My League”.

And holding steady at number one? Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” with $62 million smackers, bringing its ten-day total to a stunning $208.6 million.

I guess 3D is here to stay, huh? It’s certainly not the film that’s drawing these crowds …