… and I’m Not Spock, Either

I'm brooding, but in a completely different context, okay?My latest MSN Movies gallery uses “Remember Me” as a jumping-off point to flip through other actors’ attempts to slip the shackles of a popular character.

Because whatever else he is in this movie, Robert Pattinson is decidedly not playing a sparkly abstinence vampire.

Yeah, I know. But it was either that or movies that use real-life events in a pitiful attempt to invest otherwise mundane screenplays with depth and tragedy … and that turned out to be a pretty short list.

7 thoughts on “… and I’m Not Spock, Either”

  1. Considering the inclusion of Tobey Maguire, I’m surprised you didn’t include Elijah Wood’s post Rings role in Sin City.
    Guess Daniel Radcliffe’s appearance on “Extras” wouldn’t count, though. 🙂

  2. He’s done it with a girl, intercourse-wise!

    And Wood’s “Sin City” role totally slipped my mind … though I wonder whether I didn’t think of him because he was already established as an actor before the “Rings” trilogy, rather than a relative unknown who was instantly fixed as a type by appearing in a major franchise. Orlando Bloom is probably the only “Rings” principal who fits that description, isn’t he?

    … and maybe Andy Serkis, too.

  3. Maybe Dominic Monaghan too, though he quickly escaped that via “Lost.”

    True about Wood being established already, but then you could say the same thing about Maguire, couldn’t you?

    I think the greatest failure in attempting to separate oneself from a character is Mark Hamill in Corvette Summer.

  4. That was right around the time Keanu Reeves also made The Gift, another trip to the dark side as an abusive husband, a role that convinced me he could act beyond his Speed/Matrix kind-of-blank persona. If he was working out something dark in himself that year and putting it into his work, it makes me want to check out The Watcher.

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