Within You, Without Him

Not an accurate representation of the MaharishiThe BBC is reporting that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the guru who “is credited with introducing the Beatles and other stars to ancient Hindu meditation methods”, is dead.

Is anyone else hoping they find some previously unknown sheaf of notes from his sessions with the Fab Four?

“Day 1: George v. enthusiastic. Wants to know if any of the chants rhyme.”

“Day 3: John finally lets me finish a sentence.”

“Day 11: George unable to meditate; accuses John of humming ‘He’s So Fine’ every time I leave the room.”

“Day 12: Detente! John agrees to ‘meditate’ in other room; comes out visibly relaxed, but smelling like Otto’s jacket.”

“Day 17: Ringo first to attain transcendence; gets extra pudding.”

“Day 24: Paul still not getting it.”

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