How Silly Can You Get?

Michael, I'm feeling a little Elvis today ...No news on a settlement in the WGA strike, but Variety reports Val Kilmer has been hired to provide the voice of KITT 2.0 in the reboot of “Knight Rider”. The twist is that the car already had a voice: Will Arnett.

Arnett, it turns out, has been doing commercial voiceovers for GM for the last few years. The new KITT is a Ford. Thus, a conflict of interest. You’d think the new show was set in Detroit or something.

I have to admit, fond as I am of Arnett, I wasn’t planning to watch the show — I mean, it’s still “Knight Rider”. And if they couldn’t make a “Bionic Woman” update work, I don’t hold out much hope for this one.

But having Kilmer as the voice of the car makes things … interesting. The guy’s all alone in a recording booth; he’s bound to get bored and start messing with his lines. I can’t wait for the episode where KITT’s voice chip gets damaged, and he starts talking like Marlon Brando.

Or Nick Rivers.