You miss me already, don't you?You know how you can spend weeks or even months avoiding thinking about an unpleasant possibilty, only to suddenly realize you’ve run out of time and have no choice but to confront it head-on?

Well, here’s mine: As feared, the WGA strike has sent “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report” into reruns.

Obviously, this is a massive tragedy for which I was entirely unprepared. I needs the satire, you see — I need the coverage, and the interviews, and the four-times-weekly dose of simmering outrage. You’ve seen the numbers; you know that “Daily Show” viewers are among the best-informed television watchers, getting more of their facts and analysis from the 11 pm fake-news hour than they do from actual news shows. Also, I suspect, we read quite a bit.

Thus, without new episodes of these programs, I will inevitably sink into a clueless apathy, my knowledge of current events limited to what I can glean from blogs and the occasional newspaper I find on the street.

Please, WGA members. Please resolve this quickly. A nation needs to know what to think. Give us back our truthiness!