With the End in Sight

Canadians know how to dress for a chilly shootTIFF may be winding down, but we’re nowhere near finished; today, I’ve got interviews with the likes of Marco Bellocchio, Terry Gilliam and Samantha Morton — directors all! — and several pieces that need writing. Might even squeeze a couple of movies in there, because I’m a masochist.

If you’re not totally sick of festival coverage, check out today’s NOW for my interview with Jason Reitman, director of TIFF hit “Up in the Air” and producer of this year’s Midnight Madness opener “Jennifer’s Body”, which opens tomorrow. And if you’re looking for a movie recommendation for the remaining days of the festival, we’ve got some rush-line-worthy suggestions.

Hey, it’s what we do.

3 thoughts on “With the End in Sight”

  1. Any predictions for the Audience Award? I’ll bet that everyone predicts “Up in the Air” wins, and TIFF will throw a curve-ball and choose Micmacs, instead.

  2. Curve-ball yes, “Micmacs” no. It’s a very enjoyable film, but it lacks the heart that distinguishes most People’s Choice winners, and didn’t feel like it fully connected with the audience at the gala screening I attended.

    “Up in the Air” has a critical consensus around it, and everybody really loves Clooney … but then there’s “Precious”, which pulled a lot of focus during its short time here. It’s the very definition of an underdog movie, and that’s before you add the Oprah bump. And everyone’s still asking me if I’ve seen it.

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