Winding Down

The end of TIFF arrives, as it always does, with something of a wheeze. Everyone’s going home, the press screenings dried up yesterday — though I managed to file my 50th review — and the remaining press has nothing left in the tank. So it’s a good thing that there aren’t too many movies opening today; I just don’t have it in me to see anything I haven’t already scheduled.

“Bangkok Revenge”: I have no idea what this is, but they took out an ad in this week’s paper, so I guess it’s real.

“Finding Nemo 3D”: Disney looks to repeat the massive success of last year’s “Lion King” reissue with another digitally dimensionalized family favorite. Whatever. It puts Andrew Stanton’s marine masterwork back on the big screen, and that’s all I’ve ever wanted.

“Inescapable”: Ruba Nadda’s Syria-set thriller has been pilloried by critics (including our very own John), and I can’t really say I disagree. There are some interesting ideas in the script, but it needed a more aggressive director to make them work — or at least someone who was comfortable with suspense and action.

“Resident Evil: Retribution”: All I know about the fifth film in the increasingly superfluous action-horror franchise is that this one has zombies on motorcycles. So that’s new.

And there we go! Oh, almost forgot, here’s my Q&A with “Inescapable” star Alexander Siddig, ¬†which went up yesterday. Lovely guy, shame about the movie.

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