Why Television Exists

There are at least three references in this image

You know what we haven’t talked about here? The brilliance of Dan Harmon’s “Community“. I’ve been watching it clarify and develop its crackling comic ensemble all season, and the writing just gets tighter and sharper.

This week’s episode, “Modern Warfare”, may be the year’s funniest and most satisfying 21 minutes of television — an all-out parody of action movies (directed by actual action movie director Justin Lin, who made the third and fourth “Fast and the Furious” movies) that folds thirty years of movie references elegantly into its character-driven storyline.

The best bit? It’s available for online viewing in both the U.S. and Canada. Watch it. Today. And prepare to add another show to your PVR.

“Talk him through the hunger, Abed.”

I will follow these guys anywhere.

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  1. Thanks for that link! I had heard about the show, but your recommendation made me finally check it out. That was killer!

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