What’s That They Say About Fooling the People?

After last weekend’s massive opening, the universally reviled shocker “The Devil Inside” had an equally dramatic dropoff, as toxic word-of-mouth earned it a second-weekend take that was ¬†76.6% lower than its first. The entirely cromulent smuggling thriller “Contraband” took first place with a respectable $24 million.

Disney’s 3D reissue of “Beauty and the Beast” proved quite lucrative, taking the second slot with $18.5 million and cementing the studio’s policy of reissuing the crap out of its catalogue. Does “The Little Mermaid” need to be remastered in 3D? Nope, not in the slightest. But it’s coming, just you wait and see.

Also, “The Artist” and “The Descendants” won the Comedy/Musical and Drama categories at the Golden Globes, while Martin Scorsese was named ¬†Best Director for “Hugo” and Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” won for Best Screenplay. So the Oscars are pretty much wide open, unless you’re “The Help”.

I am not “The Help”, so this affects me not at all.

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