What More Could You Want?

Christmas presents can be instructive as well as entertainingThis week’s MSN DVD column is the back-breaking Holiday Gift Guide — not exactly the thing one wants to write while wading through the thick of year-end screenings, ten-best-list writing and TFCA voting, but what the hell, right?

Anyway, check it out and see whether there isn’t something that appeals to you. As for me, all I really want for Christmas is an upturn in the weather.

4 thoughts on “What More Could You Want?”

  1. Sorta-OT, but for some reason my local Future Shop has some Criterion Blu-Rays for as cheap as $27. Unusual to see them carry more than a few Criterion titles…and more unusual to find them at reasonable prices. Could they have worked out a decent distribution deal?

  2. Er, as a followup…I am in no way promoting the aforementioned retail shop. In fact, I suggest ppl avoid it for DVD/BR solely due to their (otherwise) contemptibly poor selection of titles.

  3. Page 3 of the gift guide says there’s a complete series set of the BBC’s Coupling MSRP $19.99 SD. Is that a typo, or am I just not looking where you’re shopping? The cheapest I can find it for is $82.18.

  4. @ Mark — Criterion’s distributed by eOne in Canada; maybe they’re knocking some of the earliest BDs down a few bucks?

    @ Nicholas — That’s definitely a typo; it should have been $119.99. Thanks for the catch!

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