Throttling Down

This guy gets itYes, today’s post is going up a little later than usual. That’s because I finally had a morning without a frantic rush to file something, and the weather was less horrible than anticipated, so we took Dexter for a two-hour walk. I count that as a victory, dammit!

Also, the new issue of NOW features our holiday movie special, and aside from my brief thoughts on Canada’s Top Ten and the TFCA awards, my contributions are entirely of the review nature, so I’ll post those links when the movies hit the megaplex.

(Of the films opening at the Lightbox today, Glenn got “I, Don Giovanni” and Susan landed “The Tempest”. Just the way the schedule shook out.)

Oh, and speaking of the TFCA awards, those of you who haven’t yet caught up to “The Social Network”  should know that Sony just announced its home-video release date: January 11, 2011, the day before the TFCA Awards gala. I wonder how many people will notice that the distributor has chosen a street date that can be expressed in binary.