We’re Ready To Believe You

Honestly, this week’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie couldn’t have dropped at a better time.

Writer and comedian (and friend) Ian MacIntyre has been angling to talk about Ivan Reitman’s Ghostbusters almost since the podcast launched, so here we are doing it just as interest in Paul Feig’s reboot reaches a fever pitch — and a week after Michelle Lovretta’s Aliens episode, which means back-to-back conversations about how wonderful Sigourney Weaver is. It’s a win-win.

Fun fact: This episode was recorded a few weeks ago, before the horrible cold that made me sound like a talking corpse in last week’s episode. So you can listen without your ears bleeding in sympathy. Get it on iTunesGoogle Play and Stitcher, or download it straight from the show site. And enjoy!

Also, on a considerably more somber note, Abbas Kiarostami died yesterday. I wrote some stuff about him for NOW. This year really is the worst, isn’t it?

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