Well, Frak Me

On November 4th, Vote StarbuckThis is either the sharpest bit of stealth marketing in weeks, or “Battlestar Galactica” is finally making the shift from cult hit to mainstream entertainment: The Associated Press has a lengthy piece on the infiltration of the Galactican obscenity “frak” into the English language.

It’s a really great article; Chris Talbott has done his (or her) research and gone much deeper than necessary, even if he (or she) did garble the spelling of Glen A. Larson’s other invented curse, “felgercarb“. I’m a little disappointed that one didn’t make it into the new show — just imagine Michael Hogan growling that in the middle of a particularly dramatic scene after stubbing his toe, or something.

And speaking of Hogan, I take no credit for the brilliant juxtaposition above; that’s the work of Jess over at Apropos of Something. Click the image to get the full effect.