Welcome to Lastday

How we all feel by this point in the festivalHow busy has this year’s Toronto film festival been? Everything wraps up today, and yet I’ve still got one more interview scheduled. So while the press corps is gathered at the awards reception, I’ll be in a hotel hallway with six or seven of my fellow TIFFsters, reading the e-mailed press release and scratching my head over one thing or another.

To keep you entertained until the news breaks, here are a couple of brief pieces I’ve written up for the NOW site — a chat with Terry Gilliam, whose “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” repeats tonight, and an interview with Roberto Hernandez and Geoffrey Smith, whose excellent documentary “Presumed Guilty” enjoys its third screening at 4 pm.

Tickets should still be available for both films, if you need something to do on this fine fall afternoon …