We Fight Now!

The survivors will move to the octagonI talk a good game, but I’m really kind of a dilettante when it comes to Asian action movies. I mean, I know my way around the racks at Suspect, and I held my own in conversation with Quentin Tarantino back in the day, but if we’d talked about Chow Yun-Fat’s pre-“Killer” filmography for much longer he would have smoked me, pure and simple.

There’s just so much to know, you know? And my formative years were spent on zombie movies.

Still, I know what I like, and what I like is people kicking each other in the face in increasingly spectacular ways, which is why I liked “Born to Fight”, the linchpin of this week’s Sympatico/MSN DVD column. You want to see balls-out martial-arts action, as well as some truly insane stuntwork and lots of explosions, well, turn your eyes to Thailand, grasshopper.

But if you’re more of a Hong Kong disciple, there’s plenty of stuff coming.

Just read the piece, willya? Don’t make me unleash the Five Fingers of Death on you …

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