Was It the Title?

This week’s MSN DVD column throws a little light on a movie everyone should have been talking about earlier this summer, but somehow didn’t — Glenn Ficarra and John Requa’s oddball romantic dramedy “Crazy, Stupid, Love.”

Seriously, it’s great. Everybody in it is great — particularly Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone and Steve Carell, but also Marisa Tomei and Annaleigh Tipton and Kevin Bacon and even Julianne Moore, who’s usually the kiss of death for a comedy.

And it’s the rare film that plays fair with the conventional rom-com structure — all the “clues” you need to understand a certain plot point are provided within the film, which is kind of great.

So why didn’t people catch it theatrically? I have no idea. Maybe they were waiting for the DVD. In which case, get on it.

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