Waiting for the Light

… so, you know how I usually round up the week’s releases every Friday? Well, there aren’t any. And even if there were, there wouldn’t be any theatres to screen them. So instead, while we all regroup and figure out how we’re covering the movies going forward, here’s some other stuff you might enjoy reading!

Like my NOW interview with Mae Martin, whose wonderful new show Feel Good arrived on Netflix yesterday and is, as I just mentioned, wonderful.

Oh, and also here’s my review of The Platform, which blew me away at TIFF last year and now pops up on Netflix just when we need a movie about confinement and class and the impossibility of staying neutral as a moral actor. (We do, we really do.)

And more stuff! I launched this thing where people recommend five movies to watch while we’re all sitting around waiting for this whole thing to blow over. (I’m calling it Shut-In Cinema, though I haven’t been able to convince NOW to do that yet.)

Anyway, the first installment is online now. Enjoy it! I have more!

One thought on “Waiting for the Light”

  1. Is there any way to make people who have been buying up all the hand sanitizer, masks, and toilet paper watch Platform on a loop until they get it? Are they capable of getting it? I saw it as a pretty scathing commentary on trickle-down economics, but it’s turned out to have an extra bit of relevance during the COVID-19 situation.

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