Wait, Doesn’t Hedwig Eat Guinea Pigs?

Look, I found a horcrux!Well, that was a short honeymoon — “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” got socked in the mouth in its second weekend by a 3D movie about secret-agent rodents.

The AP reports that “G-Force” took the top spot at the North American box office with a gross of $32.2 million, while “Half-Blood” made $30 million. (The fact that the Harry Potter movie runs an hour longer than the 88-minute “G-Force” surely factored in there somewhere.)

The Katherine Heigl-Gerard Butler romcom “The Ugly Truth” came in third with $27 million, a looooong way ahead of fourth-placer “Orphan”, which made just $12.8 million. I guess having the stupidest twist ever isn’t enough to conquer the world. But I bet it’ll do surprisingly well next weekend, as word-of-mouth turns it into the must-see comedy of the summer.

3 thoughts on “Wait, Doesn’t Hedwig Eat Guinea Pigs?”

  1. Secret Dwarf Hooker? I’m pretty sure that I saw them open for Warren Zevon at the Diamond in ’92.

  2. I don’t see why running time should be much of a factor. Most theaters showing both films have multiple screens for them, staggered showtimes and no real capacity issues, especially not for Harry Potter whose box office fell 61%. I don’t think G Force had much to do with it.

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