The Empty Children

Sweetie, your face will freeze like that if you're not carefulScary kids are the focus of this week’s Sympatico/MSN gallery, because “Orphan” opened yesterday and … well … kids are terrifying. They keep sneaking off and doing stuff you don’t understand, with their twittering and their Face Books, they listen to that devil music, and they’re probably plotting to kill you the minute you deny them their Spaghetti-Os.

… yeah, it’s probably a good thing I don’t have children.I’d just stick ’em in a Skinner box with a bunch of Spongebob DVDs and check back in five years. At least they’d be secure.

One thought on “The Empty Children”

  1. Another great list. I’ve never heard the phrase “Catholic splatter porn” before, even though I’ve watched plenty of it. An observation – the evil kid in Joshua also played young Spock / Zachary Quinto played older Spock AND our favorite brain stealing Hero Sylar. Coincidence? Spock’s lack of emotion never seemed sociopathic before.

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