Two Voids, No Waiting

Dude, I didn't think the void would be so, like, voidyImportant media announcement: I’ll be appearing on The FAN 590 this afternoon to join my brother Mike for our usual holiday-week ramble about sports, movies and sports movies. (Mainly the last thing.) The show starts at 1pm EST; you can listen online via the “Listen Live” widget at the top right corner of the home page, though I understand there are some restrictions outside of Canada at the moment. If the show goes up as a podcast, I’ll provide a link.

Over in the world of print, NOW’s New Year’s issue comes chock-full of lists of the things we want to see in the new year — here’s mine. And since the final theatrical releases of 2010 are opening at the Lightbox, let’s do the review roundup today instead of tomorrow:

Enter the Void“: Less loathsome than his previous films but still pretty much the ne plus ultra of nihilistic titillation — and trust me, that’s a special kind of nihilism — Gaspar Noe’s trippy take on the Tibetan Book of the Dead offers some incredible visual gymnastics, though if that’s all you’re after, you can still catch “2001: A Space Odyssey” in Cinema 1 for another week.

Film Socialisme“: Hey, did you know that Jean-Luc Godard has opinions about things? And that he’s prepared to hold forth on those opinions for an hour and a half without making a single coherent point? C’est vrai! Also, you can still catch “2001: A Space Odyssey” in Cinema 1 for another week.

Also settling in at the Lightbox today: David Lean’s “Lawrence of Arabia”, showing daily at 1 pm in mother-lovin’ 70mm. I’m fixing to go Tuesday or Wednesday; anyone want to join me?