Forward into the Past!

That's some really lovely workmanship. Now where is Gassim?New Year’s Day tends to be pretty quiet around our house. Oh, sometimes there’s brunch — we’re not savages — but just as often there’s a long lie-in followed by an even longer movie. Kate and I started the tradition a few years back with “Lawrence of Arabia”; on this snowless day, I’m thinking “Doctor Zhivago” might be just the thing.

Torontonians who’d like to make “Lawrence” their first film of 2011 can do so in style; it’s screening this afternoon in 70mm at the Lightbox. I did my best to let people know about it over at the NOW site, but if you’re a regular here, you’ve heard all the arguments before — best movie ever, spectacular visuals that demand to be seen on a big screen, yadda yadda yadda.

It really is that good, you know. Go and see it. And even if you choose to do something else today, do have a happy new year. We’ve all earned it.

3 thoughts on “Forward into the Past!”

  1. Any insider word on when they’re planning a Bluray release? What with he recent River Kwai release, I immediately thought of this one being the next logical pick…

  2. I’m assuming they’re holding it for the 50th anniversary next year. Either that or they’re waiting for Robert A. Harris to get the yellows just right in 1080p …

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