Topsy Turvy!

Rapunzel was delighted to read the trades this morning ...In a reversal of last weekend’s box-office fortunes, Disney’s “Tangled” and Warner’s “Harry Potter and the Moody Interlude” have traded places. “Tangled” took this weekend’s top spot with a modest $21.5 million gross, while “Harry Potter VII” dropped to second place with a still-respectable $16.7 million.

The weekend after the American Thanksgiving holiday is always a bit of a wasteland, with no major studio openings — well, Fox Searchlight eased “Black Swan” into Canada, but in a smallish, baby-step kind of way. Things ramp back up next week with “The Tourist” and “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”, so expect the box-office numbers to inflate accordingly.

You have been warned.