The Way In

Okay, so I'm either going to drown or wet myself. Or both, I guessMy latest MSN DVD column is up, celebrating Christopher Nolan’s “Inception”, for that film is three different buckets of awesome. Don’t believe me? Just watch it again, and see how much you can get out of it when you’re able to bypass the suspense aspect and just fall into the structure.

In other news, yeah, I love what Christopher Nolan does. Always have. Oh, except for “The Prestige”, which is just plain ridiculous. Gorgeous to look at, but really. Ridiculous.

3 thoughts on “The Way In”

  1. Really? I kinda dug The Prestige, in that it did present some interesting philosophical questions: who is the real original, once the body duplicates? The original or the double? Does one’s memories remain intact? Sort of the same question one asks about any Trek beaming.

  2. I’m also a Prestige fan. It’s probably second only to The Sixth Sense for a movie I wanted to see again immediately to see how much foreshadowing I missed.

  3. Thirded. In fact, I’d give The Prestige an edge over Inception, if only becuase it doesn’t have a solid hour and a quarter of characters droning out exposition exposition exposition.

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