To the Future!

Hey, someone's stealing the craft services truck!The first releases of 2010 trickle out today — sure, two of them premiered at TIFF last year, but you know what they say: If you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you!

You know what I say? “If you haven’t seen ‘Youth in Revolt’, consider yourself lucky!”

That’s me, I say stuff.

Daybreakers“: It’s 2019, and a plague has turned most people into vampires — which means the few remaining humans are both priceless food sources, and desperate freedom fighters. Michael and Peter Spierig, the splat-happy directors of “Undead”, return in a more cerebral mode … well, for the first ten minutes, anyway. Then it just gets so gloriously messy.

Leap Year“: Amy Adams and Matthew Goode do the lovey-hatey dance as mismatched strangers traveling across Ireland because tradition holds that women can propose marriage to their menfolk on February 29th. (Fun fact: Since it’s established that Britain has switched to the Euro, it’s obviously set in 2012, and therefore a massive tidal wave is waiting just out of frame to smash them into oblivion.) My review should be online any minute now. UPDATE: There it is!

Youth in Revolt“: In which Miguel Arteta demonstrates that comedy is truly not his thing, from the opening Claymation sequence to the excruciating insistence that every moment of screeching, flailing comedy is Totally Wacky!!1! Points for Steve Buscemi’s refusal to buy into the foolishness, and for Michael Cera’s obvious delight in playing his character’s alter ego, the chain-smoking blue-eyed French sociopath Francois Dillinger. But that’s maybe eight minutes out of the whole sorry mess that don’t completely suck.

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  1. Gloriously messy…that sounds delightful. Will head out to watch it tomorrow.

    Why is it that I suspect your fun fact about Leap Year might be the most amusing thing about the movie?

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