This is England

Time to expand the brain-box, chuckAfter Cannes wrapped up last year, Kate and I spent a few days in London decompressing and getting some other stuff done; this year, we’d planned to come home via her old stomping grounds in the north of England. Cannes didn’t happen, but we figured we might as well burn off our Aeroplan points before Air Canada decides to change the redemption rates … so here we are.

Posting may be sporadic over the next few days, is what I’m saying. I don’t know how much internet they can spare out on the Welsh coast.

In other news, the “Night at the Museum” sequel beat the “Terminator” sequel over the weekend, and Michael Haneke’s latest exercise in icy European cruelty took the Palme d’Or — no surprise, really, what with Haneke’s muse Isabelle Huppert chairing the jury.

I kid, I kid. If there was a Blu-ray disc of “Time of the Wolf” available over here, I’d have bought it already …

One thought on “This is England”

  1. It’s a shame you weren’t at Cannes this year, not just for your take on the bigger pictures, but for your opinion on Colin. I would like to hear what you think of the zombie movie made for $700 (beating El Mariachi by a factor of 10).
    Enjoy your vacation.

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