This Guy Gets It

This week’s MSN DVD column may be a little late to the gate, thanks to some scheduling issues beyond my control, but I can offer you something else to read in the meantime.

A couple of weeks ago, I devoted my column to “The Kid with a Bike”, and using said column to consider of how shameful it was that a film by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne should go straight to video in English Canada, and what that might mean for distribution in general.

Turns out the movie did merit an American release, however small; it opened in New York this past weekend, and Glenn Kenny reviewed it with the appropriate pleasure over at MSN Movies US. Glenn also makes a very salient point about what I’ll call Dardennes fatigue over at his blog this morning, which echoes the argument I made in my column.

Not that I ever doubted we’d be on the same page with this one. And not to push or anything, but … well, have you picked up “The Kid with a Bike” yet? You’ll really like it.

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