Things to Ponder

Tomorrow, we'll be millionairesSympatico/MSN has posted my interview with Danny Boyle, so you might want to take a look at that; I certainly enjoyed the conversation, even if I did have to do a lot of dancing in order to avoid spoiling every aspect of “Sunshine”.

I have to write about “The Simpsons” today, and I am struggling. After eighteen years, countless essays and books, and all the Krusty-Os you can eat, is there anything left to say about the show? Is there a new idea to be had?

As it turns out, there are plenty of ideas flying around over at The Onion AV Club, where Nathan Rabin and Steven Hyden have engaged in a Crosstalk over whether it’s time to end the show.

Personally, I’m on the “no” side; I’ll admit that the series is a long way from its original level of brilliance, but it’s still viable.

Really, just check out the movie tomorrow, and you’ll see where all the creativity’s been diverted for the last couple of years …

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