These Things Happen

I look like a young 'That Guy From Prison Break'I’m finding myself absolutely slammed with my DVD column today — and you’ll understand why when it goes up tomorrow — so this will be a very short post.

Still on the fence about “Boy Culture“, which opened Friday at the Bloor and still has a few days left in its run? I can sympathize. Some things about it are very good; other things about it are far less good. But it’s nice to see a low-budget, gay-oriented film that tries to do something a little different, even if all it really does is steal the voiceover device from “Layer Cake”.

Engadget reports that Sony is subtly dropping the price of the PlayStation 3 by a hundred bucks in the US. Will Canada follow?

And finally, “Transformers” made a great deal of money last week. Surely this proves that all the critics are just bitter old farts whose mothers never let them play with the toys as children.

Of course, if they were young enough to have been kids when the toys were around, that would imply that the critics couldn’t be all that old, making yet another boneheaded argument collapse like a house of moron cards, but whatever.