The Price One Pays

What's Your Name, What's Your Name, What's Your NameI was pretty happy when the Metro Movies section resulted in a logo for my stuff in May; logos connote a sense of ownership and personality. Even if you disagree with the review, you know who wrote it.

But some logos have a downside. Although my gig with Sympatico/MSN started out with a photo logo, the editors have recently revamped the site’s design, and part of that revamp involved the commissioning of caricatures of the writers.

They’ve just gone live this weekend, and they’re … um … intriguing.

Mine’s attached to my latest movie column — now called “Flix Pix”, in another bit of revampery — in which I mull a selection of classic and not so classic makeout movies. But if you aren’t interested in that piece, it’s cool … they appear to have added the logo retroactively to everything I’ve ever contributed to the site.

I know there will be snickering. Just keep it to yourself, okay?