There Will Be Disconnections

It's silently judging youSorry to keep you waiting on this morning’s post, but I’ve been a little distracted …

See, I got a new cell phone on Monday. Exchanged it Tuesday for a minor, but unacceptable, glitch. Found the same glitch on the new one. Will be exchanging that one this afternoon; here’s hoping the third time is the charm.

I cannot believe how much time I’ve lost trying to fix the glitch myself; I also cannot believe that every one of these phones has the same glitch, because (a) someone would be talking about it on the internet, and (b) people would be setting them on fire.

Anyway, I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff in this week’s NOW, which is on the stands as we speak; of course, if you’re not insane enough to venture outside on this frigid Toronto day, you can find everything right here.