There Will Be Blu-ray

You thought it was over? It's NEVER over!Not much news for a slow Wednesday morning …

The Digital Bits is reporting that Paramount is quietly slipping Blu-ray editions of its previously available titles back into stores, at least in the U.S. No word on when Canadians can stampede their local Future Shops for a BD edition of “Aeon Flux”, but it shouldn’t be too much longer.

Meanwhile, Paramount’s immediate release schedule is all HD DVD, all the time — “Beowulf” came out yesterday, “Into the Wild” and “Things We Lost in the Fire” are due out next week, and “Bee Movie” is set for March 11th.

If the format hadn’t already collapsed, I’d say this was an impressive range of titles (and “Into the Wild” looks terrific, by the way). Instead, it can only read as futile; a lone voice, crying in the wilderness. (Well, Universal has “Atonement” scheduled for March 18th, but I really hate that movie.)

The studio’s April slate currently includes HD DVD releases of Tim Burton’s “Sweeney Todd” on the 1st, and Paul Thomas Anderson’s “There Will Be Blood” on the 15th — two films that really do deserve to be seen in the best possible presentation. If Paramount doesn’t have its BD production up and running by the time they hit store shelves, I will be really, really surprised.

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