The Wages of Sinners

russell-crowe-stars-as-noahNice weather, rock monsters, shouty fundamentalists, a nervous studio — nope, nothing could keep Noah from a $44 million opening weekend, as Darren Aronofsky’s balls-out Bible story blew past Divergent to take the top spot.

Don’t feel too bad for Shailene Woodley’s post-apocalyptic parkour picture, though; it made $26.5 million in its second week of release while Muppets Most Wanted pulled a surprising $11.4 million to finish third  — surprising because it represents a smaller-than-expected drop from last weekend’s $16.5 million opening. Maybe it’ll have legs after all.

But for all this, the real action was overseas: Captain America: The Winter Soldier opened internationally to $75.2 million, putting Noah‘s $33.6 million foreign opening in the rear-view mirror. Expect that to happen all over again on the domestic front this Friday.

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