Not Exactly a Deluge

noah-crowe-729-620x349We get a reasonably calm slate this weekend, with everyone getting out of Noah‘s way like a crowd of wicked men trying to outrun a flood. Will it make a dime? God only knows …

Bad Words: Jason Bateman’s promising directorial debut finds him acting out as a dickish spelling-bee contestant. The script’s first two acts are a lot stronger than its third, but Bateman and his actors manage to sell the ending anyway.

Finding Vivan Maier: Rad fell for John Maloof and Charlie Siskel’s documentary about an unknown photographic artist at TIFF; now, it’s getting a theatrical run at the Bloor. You should see it.

Noah: Darren Aronofsky’s ballsy new interpretation of the Biblical tale is likely to be one of the year’s most divisive films — at least based on the reaction at my screening. And for what it’s worth, I thought it was pretty great.

The Returned: Emily Hampshire and Kris Holden-Ried are frankly terrific as a couple dealing with one partner’s incipient zombieism — sort of — but the movie around them doesn’t do them any justice. Which is a shame, because this could have been terrific.

3 Days in Havana: From the minds of actors Gil Bellows and Tony Pantages comes this odd … thing … about a guy who meets another guy and gets into some stuff. Whatever it is, Rad ain’t buying it.

And that’s everything, because Mongrel bumped Bethlehem another week down the line. That’s too bad; it’s pretty good and deserves a shot at the same audience that saw Omar. Cross your fingers that they actually put it into theatres.

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  1. My name is Noah, son of Lamech, father to Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and I will have my chance to say, “Nyah nyah, I was right…drown, bitches!” in this life or the next.

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