The Variety Pack

I’m kinda busy finishing up next week’s NOW cover story — hang in there, it’ll be worth it — so here’s a quick run through my stuff in this week’s paper.

We start with my┬áinterview with Pawel Pawlikowski, who brought his evocative new drama “The Woman in the Fifth” to TIFF last year. You’ll also find a Q&A with Jake Johnson, a co-star of “New Girl” who plays a very similar role in the appealing hipster rom-com “Safety Not Guaranteed”, which in a perfect world will make Aubrey Plaza a proper movie star, but in a perfect world would also have had an ending that didn’t get all tangled up in wish fulfillment.

I also review a few NXNE movies, and make a snooty critical assessment of TIFF’s new Stallone/Schwarzenegger series, which basically boils down to “What, no ‘Predator’?”

Hey, I’m a truth-teller. That’s how it has to be.

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