The Value of Modest Aspirations

This week’s MSN DVD column puts the spotlight on two very different but extremely entertaining comedies — “Our Idiot Brother” and “30 Minutes or Less” — which did middling business in theatres but should find their audience on disc.

I have to admit, “30 Minutes or Less” has grown on me since I saw it earlier this summer; perhaps it plays better when downsized to a smaller screen, where the intentionally piddly action beats don’t seem quite so underwhelming.¬†And “Our Idiot Brother” seems made for late-night DVD viewing, the better to scan back and rewatch the little sneers and grimaces flashing across Steve Coogan’s face, or to admire T.J. Miller’s remarkable physicality in the throwaway role of a decent, dim guy who inadvertently becomes a romantic rival for Paul Rudd’s character; he’s like a walking shrug of apology.

You should watch these movies, is what I’m saying. They’re fun.

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