The Unknown Known

I’m in London this week, so I wound up missing out on a few screenings. Last year I was away for Captain Marvel, this year it’s the new Universal horror movie. It’s always something. Still, here’s what’s what.

Beanpole: Russia, in the ruins of WWII.

Disappearance at Clifton Hill: Niagara Falls mystery pulls you in. [Rad]

Emma.: Austen adaptation is sprightly but shallow.

The Invisible Man: A new, relevant vision? Here’s hoping!

The Jesus Rolls: Lebowski spinoff! Blier remake! Absolute garbage!

Seberg: Not the biopic its subject deserves. [Kevin]

The Times of Bill Cunningham: Legendary photographer gets a documentary salute.

Oh, and I also took a look at the new Netflix series I Am Not Okay With This, which feels like it should have been a movie but still works pretty well thanks to Sophia Lillis’ fully present, appealingly weird star turn.

And there you are. If you need me I’ll be off eating buns in the pub.

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