The Truth, and Consequences

... but we're miles ahead of them on the highwayObviously, nothing I can produce is going to be able to compete with the news that the U.S. government has finally declassified Area 51. (No aliens, though; the really cool secrets are probably tucked safely away in Area 52.)

But we can still have a little fun, as in today’s Sympatico/MSN gallery, which uses Seth Rogen’s bad behavior in “Observe and Report” to wonder what the world would be like if movie characters were held criminally accountable for their wacky on-screen antics.

Neil Patrick Harris is looking at a whole lot of community service, is all I’m saying …

One thought on “The Truth, and Consequences”

  1. You left out the rather complicated list of offences that Jean Reno works through in ‘Leon; The Professional.’ Not to mention that attempted murder charge for Natalie Portman. It’d end her up in juvy at least.

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