Observing and Reporting

One of these days, a real rain's going to fall ... fortunately, we're indoorsThe weekend box-office is in, and it is more or less as expected: America embraced the Miley Montana movie and kept going to “Fast & Furious”, while not really knowing what to do about “Observe and Report”.

I don’t know what the fourth-place status of “O&R” will ultimately mean for Jody Hill’s directorial future, or Seth Rogen’s bankability├é┬á — not much, I’m thinking, since the disaster that was “Zack & Miri Make a Porno” was largely laughed off by all concerned not six months ago — but even if it isn’t topping the charts, the film has certainly grabbed hold of the critical conversation.

The House Next Door throws a link to Andrew Schenker’s consideration of the movie’s structure over at The Cine File, Tracy Clark-Flory offers a singularly uninformed take on something she didn’t like about the trailer at Salon’s Broadsheet blog and Slate’s Dana Stevens finds that the film just ain’t sitting right.

And in addition to an interview with Hill and Scott Tobias’ review, The Onion AV Club has posted a typically considered A.V. Talk, with its critics batting the movie back and forth in convenient podcast form. As always, don’t forget to read the comments — there’s some great stuff in there.