The Telephone Game

I'll never find my keys nowThe latest issue of NOW is on the stands, but if you don’t feel like going outside today, you can find my interviews with Jia Zhang-ke, Brendan Fraser and James McAvoy right here on the internet! Isn’t that wonderful?

(Fraser and McAvoy have movies coming out, but Jia’s coming into town this weekend to introduce three of his films that made it onto TIFF Cinematheque’s Best of the Decade list. I wrote about that here — though I somehow missed seeing “Yi Yi” on their list, which means that six of my own choices for the decade’s best are represented, rather than five.)

Oh, and I also spoke to Martha Burns and Sonya Di Rienzo about their new project, “Little Films About Big Moments”, airing this weekend on HBO Canada. That conversation was actually conducted in person, which made for a nice change. There was soup!

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  1. James McAvoy you say? I’ll definitely check out that interview. He was brilliant as Robbie in Atonement and I firmly believed Prince Caspian suffered for Mr. Tumnus’s absence!

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