16mm Never Looked Better

Dirk + Chest 4-everThis week’s MSN DVD column takes a look at the new Blu-ray editions of Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Boogie Nights” and “Magnolia”, and concludes that both films are ripe for rediscovery, regardless of format.

But the 1080p/24 transfers are awful nice … and it sure would be nice if Sony got around to getting “Punch-Drunk Love” out there, too.

No hurry on “Hard Eight”, though. I mean, Criterion can get around to it eventually, but it’s not like I need it to live or anything.

5 thoughts on “16mm Never Looked Better”

  1. Actually, I would say that Hard Eight is more of a priority than his other films – given that the picture quality on the existing DVD is, shall we say, less than ideal.

  2. Well said, Sausage King of Chicago. Some of the HD transfers seem almost pointless unless the masters got treated or what not. Imagine Citizen Kane on Bluray, probably won’t add much.

  3. @ Dom — if Warner can do for “Kane” what Criterion did for “The Third Man”, I want them to do it.

    @ Abe — I remember “Hard Eight” not looking particularly great in 35mm, but sure, let’s get it upgraded to HD while we’re at it. “Punch-Drunk Love” is just a personal priority, I suppose …

  4. “Punch Drunk Love” is by far my favourite PTA film. The colours and sound alone would be gorgeous in HD BluRay… as would everything else about it.

  5. I must confess that I belong to the Rear Guard that believes ‘Magnolia’ to be adolescent infantile crap (though, in fairness, most of the film was out of focus at the Varsity…both times I watched it…). HD Boogie Nights would be curious, though.

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