The Talking Cure

Well, I told you I’d be back on the interview beat soon enough. And in the latest issue of NOW, I’m talking to all sorts of people —¬†like that niche auteur¬†Wes Anderson, whom I first interviewed in 1998 for the Toronto Star when he brought “Rushmore” to TIFF. He’s back with “Moonrise Kingdom”, which is exquisite in a great many ways, and you’ll enjoy it.

Then there’s Patrick Wang, a cinematic newbie who declares himself a major talent with the fantastic character study “In the Family” — a three-hour no-budget drama that feels like a heady work of literature. You’ll enjoy that, too.

Next, we reach back a couple of years for a Q&A with Jason Jones and Tricia Helfer, c0-stars of the TIFF 2010 gala “A Beginner’s Guide to Endings”. It’s finally coming out now, so the interview is running; there’s also a separate Q&A with Harvey Keitel, who was a great deal of fun to talk to — before and after the more formal portion of our conversation, we chatted (at surprising length) about his love of coffee and steakhouses. He’s a man of great pleasures.

That’s a lot, right? Well, there’s more. This being the Hot Summer Guide issue, I ran down a few potential cinematic highlights of the season. I also took a look at the Worldwide Short Film Festival’s opening-night gala, because it falls under this week’s events; I’ll have more to say about the bulk of the festival next issue. But really, this is plenty, isn’t it?

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