The Rest is Noise

Madness!The latest issue of NOW is out, featuring my interview with Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Dany Boon, director and star of the giddy “Micmacs”. If the quotes seem a little light, that’s because we were struggling to hear each other through the wall of noise generated by a construction project next door. (You’d expect that sort of thing to happen to Terry Gilliam, but Jeunet? He’s just not used to this.)

Hopefully, the TIFF people can learn from this, and re-zone the city to prevent peripheral construction during the ten days of the festival. It wouldn’t be the silliest idea, honestly.

UPDATE: I must have been more distracted than I realized this morning; I forgot to even mention my piece on the Worldwide Short Film Festival, which starts next Tuesday and features a great many shorts. You should definitely check that out.

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