Happy Felicia Day Day, Everybody!

Who wouldn't love a face like this?My latest MSN DVD column is up, in which I interview Felicia Day. Yup, every red-blooded geek’s secret crush actually talked to me for 18 whole minutes. Suck it, fellow nerds!

… okay, I could have been more mature about that. But she’s a great interview, and it was an engaging conversation, and at no time did I get the sense that she was squinching her face up in dismay. So there.

Also, “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog”? Even more awesome on Blu-ray.

2 thoughts on “Happy Felicia Day Day, Everybody!”

  1. So did you go “full geek” and bring her a frozen yogurt? (I am NOT going to ask if you showed her your hammers…A. you’re married, and B. creepy and inappropriate!)

    And about the dog documentary…although I would probably watch a cat version, I won’t be holding my breath. I ended up in a mini discussion online with someone about cats vs. dogs in movies. He maintained that audiences laugh when cats die and cry when dogs die. That’s really cold, but it does seem that a dog dying is treated as a tragedy (I Am Legend, Marley & Me) but a cat dying is a plot device (Drag Me to Hell, Untraceable). Maybe it’s cats inherent untrainability that relegates them to just sort of sitting there and never establishing *character* in movies. I will retreat behind the brilliant cat-lover DeNiro to dog-lover Stiller line from Meet the Parents…”If you need that kind of emotional reassurance from a pet…”

  2. @ Chris — it was a phoner, so any awkwardness was avoided. Also, I’ve been present at enough unwanted journalistic round-table flirtations that I’d never want to be part of that scene. It’s ALWAYS creep and inappropriate.

    As for the dogs/cats thing, I wonder if it isn’t that dogs engender more sympathy because on some level we’re not sure they’re bright enough to understand it’s all make-believe — you know, like Elizabeth Berkeley in “Showgirls”. Cats being cats, they don’t take anything seriously, so there isn’t the same undercurrent of concern.

    I like both species. Though dogs are much more interactive, it’s true.

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