The Night When HE Came Home!

I shall be reincarnated as a cranky green ogre, just you watch!One small point of comparison between Haddonfield, Illinois’ Michael Myers and Scarborough’s own Mike Myers: They cannot be dissuaded from doing precisely what they want to do.

One wants to kill Jamie Lee Curtis and everyone who shares her bloodline. The other wants to tell a lot of dick jokes, and then have hot girls tell him how wonderful he is. He also likes to sing.

My point is, after “The Love Guru” I’d rather spend 90 minutes locked in a theater — or a comedy club, even — with the one from Haddonfield. It’d be far less painful.

Ahem. Anyway, here’s a Sympatico/MSN gallery of Scarborough Mike’s various cinematic incarnations, with commentary by yours truly. I am not entirely sure who the “I” of the title is supposed to be.

2 thoughts on “The Night When HE Came Home!”

  1. Maybe anyone tempted to go see The Love Guru this weekend (which can’t even manage one funny clip to put in the commercials) should stay home and rent The Guru with Jimi Mistry instead. It’s not brilliant, but does have some laughs, and may lead people who haven’t seen any of Mistry’s movies to check out the wonderful Touch of Pink. (Kyle MacLachlan doing clipped Cary Grant accent – “ isn’t a holiday destination.”

  2. Despite its breathtaking awfulness, something in me doesn’t want to pile on “The Love Guru” and poor Mike, especially now that he and his silly little film are this month’s pet target of various religious goon squads—who I’m sure will soon claim responsibility for its BO failure–mmmhmmm….

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