Short Time

And by their logo you shall know themNot doing anything tonight? Feel like watching a selection of short films in a nurturing environment of enthusiastic creative types? Well, come on down to the latest edition of the WildSound Short Film Festival — 7 pm, at the National Film Board Mediatheque at 150 John Street — and catch nine new works in the presence of their creators!

I’ll be there, too, moderating a pair of free-ranging conversations between the filmmakers and the audience; I did it last April and had a great time despite being stoned out of my gourd on cold medication, so today I’m looking forward to doing it with a fully-functioning brainstem.

In anticipation of tonight’s event, I sat down for a podcast with programmer Matthew Toffolo and host Wes Berger, which you can check out at the event page linked above, and also at the bio page they’ve graciously provided me.

You know, assuming you want to hear me talk about myself for 45 minutes. Turns out I’m kind of a chatterbox.