The Main Event

Buy the combo edition. It's future-proofed!Right, then, here you go: This week’s MSN DVD column, in which I talk to Edgar Wright (and collaborators Bryan Lee O’Malley and Ellen Wong) about the tragic fate of “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”, and its bid for a phoenix-like rebirth on video.

I guess it makes sense. After all, Scott had to fight Ramona’s seven evil exes to win the chance to court her; surely his movie should have to face a similar uphill battle to find its audience. Except that people fall in love with the movie instantly; all they have to do is see it.

… so, you’ve already seen it, right? And if you haven’t, why aren’t you sprinting down to the shop to buy the Blu-ray?

One thought on “The Main Event”

  1. Just a theory…Scott Pilgrim’s lack of success at the box office may have something to do with the combination of unappealing commercials (not one made me want to go anywhere near it) and the Katherine Heigl-like overexposure of Michael Cera over the past few years. Your enthusiastic voice and “by the director of Shaun of the Dead” (which I never heard bragged about in the commercials) have a lot to overcome. Uphill battle?

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