Danny Boyle Makes a Meal of It

The Other Mr. Big 'EadYou know how I sometimes half-jokingly say I don’t have the right to complain about anything, ever? Well, it’s because of days like that, when I get a proper amount of time to actually talk to a director whose work I really enjoy. (See also my various conversations with Terry Gilliam, Edgar Wright and Olivier Assayas, I suppose.)

A couple of months ago, right in the middle of TIFF, I had a very pleasant lunch with Danny Boyle. We talked about his new movie “127 Hours”, he eyed my salmon, Richard Ayoade came up to our table and said hi, and today it’s the cover story for this week’s NOW. Result!

Also potentially of interest in this week’s issue: My interviews with Jia Zhang-ke and Ben Wheatley, whose new movies “I Wish I Knew” and “Down Terrace” open in Toronto today and tomorrow, respectively, and my review of “Morning Glory“, which opened yesterday and is not terrible. Not great, mind you, but not terrible.

Oh, and there’s one other movie opening today at the Lightbox: “Kisses“, a teeny little Irish thing which I quite enjoyed. A good week for cinema, this.